Pink Jinn: “Nasreen Sheikh and the women rebuilding Nepal”

  Previously published at: The sun is setting on the crowded and dusty streets of Thamel, Kathmandu. Tourists sporting backpacks and dreadlocks file in and out of the complicated maze of table vendors and store fronts, with each salesman promising a more authentic product than his competing neighbour. While the chaotic normalcies continue outside, I … More Pink Jinn: “Nasreen Sheikh and the women rebuilding Nepal”


Amsterdam: A land of cannabis, canals, and counter-culture. This city sums up every man’s ideal “guys weekend.” Coffee shops act as watering holes for marijuana enthusiasts, while scantily-clad ladies in the district over usher those of the opposite sex inside their red-lit windows. Fascinated by how this taboo-infused city functioned, Holly and I purchased an enormous cone … More Amsterdam

A break from the hostel hustle: Switzerland and Germany

While in Zurich and Munich, Holly and I discovered that the true key to travel is knowing people. Sure, it’s been liberating tackling unfamiliar cities by ourselves, but after doing so for the entire first half of the trip, it was starting to become exhausting. Having someone personally take us to the best places to … More A break from the hostel hustle: Switzerland and Germany

36 Hours in Madrid

That’s right, only 36 hours. When we stepped off the bus into Madrid’s city center, Holly and I were seriously beginning to question whether we could conquer the city before our next plane ride. With a “go hard or go home” attitude, we set off, and to our surprise, managed to accomplish everything we aimed … More 36 Hours in Madrid

Sintra, Portugal

With five days in Lisbon, Holly and I decided to do a day trip to Sintra. Sintra, a World Heritage Site, is home to both the Castelo dos Mouros and the Palacio Nacional da Pena. Mouros, now ruins, was built in the 8th century by the conquering Arabs of the time, and Pena was constructed upon … More Sintra, Portugal

The Packing

Perhaps the most challenging day was upon us: Packing Day. With only two days to go, we tore out our closets (and our hair) and laid out every article of clothing that we deemed useful for our trip. After a few vetoes, we narrowed down our selection and managed to cram everything into our backpacks, … More The Packing