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Hi there,

Welcome to my blog! My name is Julia Abbiss and I recently graduated summa cum laude from Johnson & Wales University with a B.S. in Travel-Tourism & Hospitality Management, a minor in Environmental Sustainability, and double concentration in Eco, Sustainable, Adventure Tourism and Sociology. Diploma in hand, my friend and I packed up our car, said goodbye to our East Coast lives, and headed for the Southwest. While in the land of mountain ranges and green chili, I am the Development Manager for the New Mexico Community Foundation and I am also obtaining my M.S. in Nonprofit Management.


I’m using this blog to document the experiences I’ve had traveling to weird and wonderful places across the globe, including but not limited to my time in Nepal before, during, and after the April 2015 earthquake, backpacking across Europe and Morocco, and the concept of home, along with a few political and work-related pieces here and there. Like, comment, laugh, cry, do whatever you please really, with the content I’ve published. I look forward to any and all feedback. Happy travels!



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  1. We will be following this from France Julia! We’ve starting Rosie off on her adventures in France ! She thinks she’s gonna be a great adventurer too ! Keep safe and happy ! Well done xx

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