At 10am MST on January 20, 2017 I was seated face-to-face with 15 community members that belonged to a rural community in New Mexico that’s barely visible on a map. 2016 was a particularly challenging year for this town of 1,100 people. A few weeks prior, four historic buildings were lost to a tragic fire, … More Hope

A year in review

It’s hot. There’s no running water. My stomach is uneasy. The ground is shaking. I’ve gathered a group of strangers together who share the same bright yellow Qatar Airlines boarding pass. We’re sitting in a circle among lines of hundreds of people, sharing our stories of the past 48 hours. American, German, Italian. Same disaster, … More A year in review


As the saying that I have bumper stickered to the back of my Honda goes, “Not all who wander are lost.” On the contrary, I am, in a sense, lost. For almost a year now, I’ve had the opportunity to use this column to share the stories of the weird and wonderful places around the … More Home